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Band Concert! – November 14th @ 7PM

Parents and Students:

Greetings to you from Comanche Middle School! We are looking forward to the upcoming Concert on November 14th at Comanche Middle School Auditorium. The band concert is an evening set aside to promote our district’s middle school band program. Here is what the evening’s schedule currently looks like:

6:30 pm 6th Grade students meet in the band room for warm-ups (with Mr. Stone)
7th Grade students meet in the choir room for warm-ups (with Miss Stoops)
6:55 pm Both grades make their way to the auditorium
7:00 pm Concert Starts with the Coyote Jazz Ensemble
7:10 pm 6th Grade Band Performs; 7th Grade watches the performance
7:40 pm 7th Grade Band Performs; 6th Grade watches the performance
8:00 pm Students return to band room to put away the instruments and meet their parent/guardian in the auditorium
This evening is the first band concert of the school year for both grades! There will be over 200 band students performing this evening! Please plan to attend and support our phenomenal band program!

Parent Letter

While the evening will be filled with fun and publicity, your students will need to remember the following details:

1. This performance is required and worth 200 points of their second quarter grade.
2. Ladies should wear dress pants and a nice blouse or a long dress with closed-toe dress shoes, black socks, or hose. Please no skirts/dresses above the knee, and no high heels. Gentlemen should wear dress pants, shirt and tie, and dress shoes and black socks. No jeans, shorts, t-shirts, or grungy sneakers – thank you!

Once again, we are looking forward to our Band Concert on November 14th. If you have questions, please contact Mr. Stone or Miss Stoops at Comanche Middle School (371-1100). Thank you for adding this evening of music to your family calendar! We’ll see you soon!


Your Directors – Mr. Stone & Miss Stoops

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